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If you’ve come to check out our freelance writing jobs, don’t worry. We haven’t gotten rid of them, they’ve just been moved to our new Writing Jobs section. We hope you’ll enjoy our new design and take a moment to read through some of these helpful articles before or after your job search.


Your Freelance Writing Website: or

If you've ever had the person you're madly in love with tell you, “Yeah, I LIKE you, but ...” then you know quite well the difference just a couple of letters can make. Like. Love. Kinda similar, but at ...
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promote yourself as a freelance writer

How To Promote Yourself as a Freelance Writer

As with any self-employment, one of the biggest struggles is not in doing the work, but in finding it. With freelance writing, the goal is to get to the point that your work starts to find you. As a ...
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blog post checklist

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist: Read This Before You Hit “Publish”

Any writer will tell you that writing a blog is simultaneously the easiest and most difficult thing they do every day. Crafting an exceptional, engaging, and SEO-friendly blog seems easy on paper, but it’s like assembling a choir versus ...
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Double Your Writing Income: Learn How
start your own blog

4 Things To Consider Before you Start Your Own Blog

Most writers these days have a blog. There. I said it. In our modern age, blogging isn’t just a digital diary for creatives, it can serve as an online portfolio for freelancers, a marketing tool for businesses, or an actual ...
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write catchy headlines

4 Quick Tips on How to Write Catchy Headlines

Let’s face it, a good headline is the real hook for any blog post. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how great your writing is, or how informative your article might be — if someone isn’t enticed to click on it, ...
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freelance writing business

6 Ways to Make Your Freelance Writing Business More Professional

Starting out as a freelance writer is great. You've managed to ditch the corporate cubicle and now you can sleep in and do your work in front of the TV. Your hours are your own, you don't have to ...
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The #1 Writing Tool
never write for free

3 Reasons Why Freelance Writers Should Never Write For Free

Writing is awesome. It’s a way for us as a society to spread ideas, tell stories, and be creative in a myriad of different styles and methods. Because of how instrumental it is to share information from one person ...
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helpful freelance writing blogs

5 Helpful Freelance Writing Blogs

You know that old saying, “knowledge is power”? A few years into this whole freelance writing thing and I’m beginning to realize that that old saying is the ultimate truth. Ask any successful writer today, and they likely have ...
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freelance writing clients

How to Juggle Multiple Freelance Writing Clients at Once

Let’s face it—there are few lines of work out there that don’t require a bit of multitasking. Even the traditional 9-5 office worker will have days where they’re required to handle various tasks simultaneously. But when you're a freelance ...
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keep freelance clients happy

How To Keep Your Freelance Clients Happy

If you’ve been a freelancer for a while, you know how tough it is to thrive in this competitive business. You may be swamped with work one month, and the next month finding that projects are few and far ...
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writer's website assets

6 Key Elements Every Freelance Writer’s Website Must Have

You know you’ve arrived as a freelancer when clients begin to find you on their own through your website or online writing portfolio. If that hasn’t happened for you yet, it may be because you are missing one or more ...
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time management tips

5 Quick & Easy Time Management Tips For Freelance Writers

How productive are you? I have a feeling most of us thought about this question, remembered all the stuff we got done yesterday and said, “Heck yeah, I'm good in this department.” That's great. Good on ya. Productivity is ...
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success as a freelance writer

5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success as a Freelance Writer

Sure, the title of ‘Freelance Writer’ on your email signature makes you feel good. Your friends and family are patting you on the back for taking the leap into freelancing. You can stick your chest out, push your shoulders ...
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Step-by-Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success

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