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If you’ve come to check out our freelance writing jobs, don’t worry. We haven’t gotten rid of them, they’ve just been moved to our new Writing Jobs section. We hope you’ll enjoy our new design and take a moment to read through some of these helpful articles before or after your job search.

19 Online Freelance Writing Courses You Can Take Right Now

19 Online Freelance Writing Courses You Can Take Right Now

Let's be honest for a second. Being a freelance writer sounds glamorous and free and creative and all, but once you are knee-deep in it, you begin to realize that the creative part is only a small portion of it ...
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Online Writing Jobs: The Definitive Guide To Finding (And Landing) Your Dream Gig

Have you ever reached that point where you look around at your life in the Shire, reminisce about when you used to enjoy life and make a daring move in an attempt to run away and find that fun again? ...
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writing for money

Writing For Money: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I'm not sure how many of you enjoy a good ol' Western movie, but I'm quite certain there is one eerie whistling tune that everybody knows. That distinctive yodel'y thing we all know as the theme tune of The Good, ...
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The #1 Writing Tool
improve your blog strategy

3 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Blog Strategy Immediately

Strategy, shmatergy. We're writers, we're freelancers. We're wild, we're free, we like our “fly by the seat of our PJ pants” approach. We color outside the lines. We think and write outside the box. Strategy is a liney, boxey word ...
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benefits of working from home

3 Major Benefits of Working From Home

It’s the dream: wake up, put on a pot of coffee, start the computer. Wait for it to perk up while you do the same. Grab your favorite mug, pour some creamer in, and sniff deeply as the nutty, rich ...
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apps for freelance writers

10 Handy Apps For Freelance Writers

The best part of my day (no judging …) is when my Word of the Day email comes through from Oh, the anticipation. It makes me feel like I'm learning something, although my memory tends to disagree with ...
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books for bloggers

Books For Bloggers: 10 Reads To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Blogging is a pastime that’s been around since the first person with something to say opened up a GeoCities account and started writing — that is, according to what I can remember from being on the internet in the late ...
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prepare for freelance blogging jobs

How to Ensure You’re Prepared for Freelance Blogging Jobs

Let’s be honest — there are some negative stereotypes concerning freelance bloggers. To many people, we’re lazing around in our pajamas blogging our random “deep thoughts” while spooning ice cream out of the carton. This isn’t entirely true. While ...
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break up with a freelance client

6 Signs It May Be Time To Break Up With a Freelance Client

Relationships require effort from both sides — especially when it comes to your career. Most professional writers work with a few different clients. Sadly, these relationships don’t always go as planned. If things are getting rough or have been ...
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work from home writing jobs

Make Money From Your Couch With These 6 Work-From-Home Writing Jobs

Whether you’re a professional freelancer, looking for a side hustle, or want a career change, making money from your couch is a pretty appealing job description. Work-from-home writing jobs are becoming more and more popular in various industries thanks ...
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tools for freelance writers

Simplify Your Writing, Simplify Your Life: 10 Digital Tools For Freelance Writers

Welcome to the digital age. You’ve tossed away your typewriter for a little keyboard attached to a TV, and now you want to know how to get this thing to make words. Well, fear not frustrated freelancer. There are ...
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benefits of a freelance writing career

The Benefits of a Freelance Writing Career

There are three things certain in my life: death, taxes and knowing I'll never have a car accident on my way to work. Oh sure, I may occasionally rear-end a cat toy on my way to my home office ...
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breakup with a freelance client

How to Break Up With a Bad Freelance Client

Breaking up is never easy. Success as a freelance writer depends heavily on your ability to land good clients. But not everyone is easy to work with. Sometimes a freelance client may even cause you so much trouble you ...
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5 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

5 Helpful Tips For Choosing a Blog Name

So you've decided to start a blog. Great! Congratulations, blessings, namaste, and all those other feel-good salutations. With this decision, you've taken a step — no, a leap — towards building an online presence and establishing yourself as a ...
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find the best freelance writer for the job

How to Find the Best Freelance Writer for The Job

Finding good freelance writers is tough. Almost as tough as finding a good freelance writing job. Trust me, I’d know. The problem is over-saturation. There are a million writing jobs out there, and a million writers to do them. However, they're ...
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