10 Inspiring Places To Write From INSTEAD Of Your Home Office

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Have you ever had one of those experiences where you find a chocolate bar/packet of crisps/yummy snacky thing hidden in one of your cluttered drawers, and your momentary delight turns into disgust as you bite into the stalest, tasteless, now-inedible thing?

Yeah. It’s depressing. Stale things lose their taste, their texture, their nutritional value, and sometimes it’s hard to even tell what you’re chewing on.

And yet … When our workplace becomes stale, stuffy and old, we just keep chewing.

Sure, we all have a comfortable, warm and welcoming home office that we kitted out just how we like it, but when you sit in that homey office every single day … Well, the inspiration can begin to wane.

Thankfully, this can easily be remedied by making a change here and there. You don’t have to be out and about every day, but switching up your writing locale every now and then can do wonders for infusing some creativity and inspiration back into your work life.

The following is a list of 10 inspiring places to write from INSTEAD of your home office. So, why don’t you try working from …

1. A Coffee Shop Nearby

inspiring places to write from -coffee shop

The magic elixir awaits, and with it, inspiration.

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to make your own coffee (and use your own electricity …) and the bustle of a coffee shop also helps when you’re having one of those inevitable sleepy days.

Maybe it’s the fear of appearing lazy to others, but somehow sitting in a busy, sociable arena always seems to invoke inspiration and new ideas and get us tapping away on the keys, or scribbling in our notebooks.

Bonus points if you can find somewhere with free Wi-Fi!

2. Outdoors

inspiring places to write from - outdoors

Fresh air, wind that doesn’t come from a fan, warm sun on your Gollum-like skin … As freelancers, we sometimes forget how much good these daily, natural things can do for us. It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of spending a solid 80% of your time inside, under the fluorescent lights, not seeing the sun for days, maybe weeks on end.

This doesn’t mean you need to book a vacation to a tropical island, although if you have the means to do that … Why are you still at your desk?

Just…you know, get some air. This can be as simple as setting up your laptop on the patio or heading to the park around the corner.

Sometimes all that’s needed to jolt you back into thinking mode is a good dose of vitamin D.

3. The Library

inspiring places to write from - library

Ah, peace, quiet and the smell of books. The library offers everything you need to relax and steam through your freelancer’s block.

Find a couple of books that may interest you, and do some reading to stimulate the old analog brain cells. Perhaps you’ll find some ideas for your work that Google hasn’t given you.

Enjoy the peacefulness and take the opportunity to do a good mix of relaxing, learning and working.

4. At a Friend’s House

inspiring places to write from - friends house

The important thing here is to NOT choose that friend who always drags you around for spontaneous adventures, or who doesn’t pause for breath. Sure, they can bring just as much inspiration, but what we’re looking for is somewhere you’ll be able to be inspired AND get some writing done.

A cuppa and a conversation and then settling down to do your thing together can be quite chilled out, and the bonus with this is you’ve got someone right there to bounce ideas off of and to ask when you don’t remember how to spell a big word.

This is particularly cool if you have another freelancing friend. We need to stick together and encourage each other when we can!

5. At an Art Gallery

inspiring places to write from - art gallery

Another mostly quiet space, filled with a different kind of creativity.

Struggling to write that article about finances? Take a break and look at some art. What colors do you see on the canvas? How do they interact with each other? Are there lines, smudges, splatters? Is it messy, or pristine and precise?

Sometimes a bit of a change of creative perspective can kick that creative block out the window and introduce new ways to write about old things.

6. At a Communal Workspace

inspiring places to write from - co-work space

Communal workspaces, or co-working offices, are all the rage lately, and they do offer some benefits over the usual boring ol’ workplace.

This is basically a large, open office that you can rent a chair in. The cool thing is that you never know who you’ll be working next to day by day. One day, you could be sitting next to a freelance video editor, the next could be a project manager, and the next day could be a travel blogger who happens to be in your area. New inspiration every day!

This is great for when you want an environment that still has a certain amount of work structure, but offers the freedom to get up and go when you need to.

7. At a Nearby University

inspiring places to write from - university

A university is a world within a world. On these grounds, you are likely to be able to find a library, a coffee shop or two, a park or open space, and a few other interesting areas.

The people milling around are also likely to be of an interesting variety. Students, young and old(er), conservative, nerdy, hip, flamboyant, and just plain wacky are likely to be some of the styles you’ll see passing by.

The atmosphere is usually a nice mix of bustling and chillaxed, and you can move around as you feel inspired to. This is sort of an all-in-one-package of those inspiring places to write from we’ve talked about already — just within a convenient, usually within walking distance area.

If you need extra inspiration, have a chat with someone passing by. Who knows what you might learn?

8. On the Train, Bus, or Plane

inspiring places to write from - transit

Even for those of us who work from home, travel is part of life. Sure, it may not be a cross-country trip or an international adventure, but we all have times when we need to get somewhere, and we hop on a train or bus to get there.

Most people would sit and stare out the window and get lost in their own thoughts, but how about jotting your thoughts down as you watch the world go by?

Sometimes just a change of scenery, a change of company and a little adventure can be all that’s needed for some inspiration.

9. On Your Feet

inspiring places to write from - standing

Yep. This is one suggestion you can actually do anywhere. It’s amazing how different it can be when you write standing up instead of seated.

Seriously. Try it. The energy is different. Your posture is different, you have more space, you can move around.

Just, please … Don’t write on your phone while you’re walking. Have you seen those videos where someone falls in a river while they’re texting? Don’t be that person.

10. On a Retreat

inspiring places to write from - writing retreat

Yes, writing retreats are an actual thing. And they’re awesome. 

Imagine being surrounded by a bunch of like-minded, enthusiastic, eager to learn freelance writers, all happy to share thoughts and ideas and support and encourage each other? Sounds a little like freelance writer heaven, doesn’t it?

These events are packed with valuable info, great ideas, new ways of thinking about old things, and you’re definitely going to walk out of there with not only new networking contacts but with new friends.

So there you have it! Ten inspiring places to write from instead of your home office — why not try out every place on this list? You might be surprised by what a big difference a simple change of location makes in your productivity and creative energy.

Where are some of your favorite, most inspiring places to write from? Do you stick to what you know or do you switch it up and move around dependant on your mood and creativity levels?

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Shanna Powell

Shanna is a South African chick who digs life, and endeavors to capture its coolness in photo, video and long gushing article format. Her sporadic thoughts about freelancing and other topics can be found at rat-race-riot.com. Her more structured thoughts on language reside at gustocopy.com

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