19 Online Freelance Writing Courses You Can Take Right Now

Let’s be honest for a second. Being a freelance writer sounds glamorous and free and creative and all, but once you are knee-deep in it, you begin to realize that the creative part is only a small portion of it.

When that sinks in, this whole freelance writing thing can become quite overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a bunch of amazing writers out there who have done all the things, made all the mistakes, and taken all the notes, and this means that your journey can be made a whole lot easier.

So buckle up, buttercup, because here comes the list of all lists of online freelance writing courses you can sign up for right this minute. From Blogcademy to one-on-one mentorships, this list has something for every writer, within every budget.

Free Online Freelance Writing Courses


1. Make Money Freelance Writing
Writing Revolt, Jorden Roper
Cost: Free

Jorden Roper - Online Freelance Writing Courses

This chick has all the smarts, and she wants to share them with you. Yes, you. For free! In fact, this email course is so good, that you should stop reading right now and enroll. Go!

This course is the McNuggets of courses. Short, sweet, and good enough to make you want to get off your butt and get more. Do more. Write more. Earn more.

It covers things like choosing a niche, creating your own freelance writing website, setting rates and marketing yourself. The entirety of this online writing course is geared towards accomplishing one thing – giving you the tools to get out there and make a living writing.

If you want an 8-day detox from the content-mill trawling, desperate bidding, penny-pinching, starving artist mindset, this is your salvation.

Jorden tells it like it is, and sugarcoats nothing, so if this course doesn’t jolt you into action then perhaps nothing will.

Plus, she has purple hair. If you weren’t convinced before, that should do it.

2. How To Build A Successful Online Writing Business
Writers in Charge, Bamidele Onibalusi
Cost: Free

writers in charge - Online Freelance Writing Courses

Bamidele, a freelance writer from Nigeria, and his worldwide writing team started this blog in 2010 and re-branded it as Writers in Charge in 2013.

This course is another quick and easy, to the point email series, detailing the tried and true steps towards becoming a well-paid freelance writer. As Bamidele points out, 1% of the freelance writers out there are earning 99% of the revenue, and his mission is to educate you as to how to become one of those people who is running a successful freelance writing business.

Why should you choose this course? Well, selling point number one is that if a non-native English speaker can gain as much success writing in the English market as Bamidele has, no doubt he has some gems to share with you on how he did it.

Seven days of opening his emails are all you need to give yourself a real step up in the freelance writing world. Get on it.

3. Intentional Blogging
Goins Writer, Jeff Goins
Cost: Free

Online Freelance Writing Courses - Jeff Goins

In the words of Mr. Goins himself, if you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, this is the place for you.

Jeff knows how to write from the heart, and is clearly passionate about the two things mentioned above. If you’re keen on learning more about writing with a good mix of feeling and intelligence, you can’t go wrong listening to this guy.

12 weeks of informative, teaching emails, at zero cost to you. There is no good reason to say no to this one.

4. Writing What You Know
Open University
Cost: Free

Online Freelance Writing Courses

This is a short course focusing on creative writing and, as the title suggests, using what you already know as inspiration.

It may sound a little on the boring side, but part of finding your own voice as a writer depends largely on the things you know that are unique to you as a person, and having your own voice is a huge part of standing out above the ton of writers out there competing for jobs.

Thankfully, your writer voice can be shaped as you go, and courses like this assist in enabling you to see the detail in everyday things and make those things motivation for great writing.

As a free, 8-hour study course, this one is worth going through on a day when you find yourself looking for something to do.

Online Freelance Writing Courses for Under $100


5. Blogging and Writing Course
Mark Manson
Cost: $3.00/month

Online Freelance Writing Courses - mark manson

Mark Manson is the king of  … Well, a few things: saying things exactly as he means them, and not giving a flying fig what you think about it.

Of course, as writers, we know that being genuine is one of the most important aspects of our writing, and that’s the exact reason this course is a cracker. Mark is top of the pops when it comes to letting his personality shine through in his words, and that makes him a fantastic person to learn from.

For a ridiculously low monthly fee of $4 (or $3 if you pay yearly) you get access to the Blogging and Writing course, a variety of videos, audio files, audio commentary for articles (great when it comes to understanding the writing process!) and a bunch of informative podcasts.

Also, you get in the running to one day, maybe, receive a taco from Mark himself. Yes, you read that right. You don’t want to miss it.

Oh, um …just one more thing to add: If you’re more on the sensitive side, you may want to prepare yourself for some in-your-face, to-the-point real talk in this one.

6. The Complete Freelance Writing Online Course – Beginner to Pro
Cost: $10.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses - udemy

Udemy has something for everyone, and this one is for you.

Covering everything from creating your first writing samples to how to promote yourself as a writer on social media, this is a super course to kick-start your career.

Better still, once you’ve completed this one, there are many more to leap into if you would like to fine tune your skills.

And for only $10? What are you waiting for?

7. Skool of Creativity
Cost: $10.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

Another steal from the guys at Udemy, this one is all about thinking yourself into inspiration. Sound confusing? Precisely why you should hop right in and see what it’s all about and how it could help your writing.

Although being any sort of professional writer involves a lot more than just writing, that’s the part we most often get stuck in. Nobody ever talks about Accountant’s Block, or Doctor’s Block (thank goodness).

Writer’s block is something we all struggle with, and this course teaches you how to use your own brain to come unstuck. The techniques you will learn will stay with you long after you stop worrying what else you could be doing with $10.

8. A Fear-Busting E-Course For Freelance Writers
Useful Writing Courses, Carol Tice & Linda Formichelli
Cost: $79.99

Online Freelance Writing Courses

One of the biggest hiccups when it comes to being a freelance writer is fear. Fear that nobody will like the way you write, fear that no-one will ever be willing to give you money for your words, fear that you’re going to be rejected, fear that you’ll run out of things to say, fear that your laptop battery won’t last.

Trust me — we have ALL been there.

Even the course instructors, Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli, both very accomplished writers, understand how crippling fear can be to getting started on your way to a blossoming freelance writing career. Having both taught countless writing courses over the years, they’ve put together this particular class with the intention of stamping out the one thing they’ve seen ruin many a career before it starts — that paralyzing, terrified feeling that holds so many of us back.

This 3-session course is well worth the fee, providing you with recordings of all sessions, podcasts, e-books, and a taste of some real fear coaching done by a writing coach. The biggest bonus of all — a total mindset change that will have you advancing leaps and bounds in your writing career.

Don’t chicken out of this one. It’s a game changer.

Online Freelance Writing Courses Between $100 and $250


9.Write Your Way To Your First 1K
Elna Cain
Cost: $165.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

Elna Cain is a mom of twins who got into freelance writing almost by accident. Accidents do happen when you have babies, but considering she took just six months to replace her full-time income and was able to work from home and watch her twinsies grow up, I’d say that’s a pretty good accident and one that means she has plenty of great advice to share.

This ton of good stuff comes in the form of more than 50 lessons, video training, templates, e-books, and an exclusive Facebook group which means a supportive community of like-minded people, as well as Facebook Live training sessions.

Another awesome thing offered is a personalized pitch review, from Elna herself. Life’s a pitch for a freelance writer, and input from someone as established as Elna is invaluable.

This self-paced course will set you back a mere $165, which is a fraction of the value you’ll get out of it. As the title suggests, that $165 bucks is going to lay the foundation for your first 1k, and your second 1k, and your third 1k … and so forth, and so on.

10.Ready…Set…Start Freelancing!
The Random Passion Project, Ieva Lacaine
Cost: $240.00

online writing courses - random passion project

Making the leap into full-time freelancing can be daunting. Like, you’ve got the writing chops but how do you actually run a *successful* freelance writing business? Enter Ieva Lacaine. Graphic designer, digital marketer, and passionate digital nomads, she’s a Jill of all trades when it comes to freelancing — and she’s created this comprehensive online freelancing course to show you how you can leave the corporate world behind and turn your passions into money-makers.

The Ready…Set…Start Freelancing! course covers everything from creating a business plan, to branding yourself as a freelancer, to marketing yourself and getting clients. All of the course content is organized beautifully in both PDFs and supplemental videos. And the best part? After you enroll, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the resources included in the program so that you can effectively build your business at your own pace. 

$240 is a very minimal investment to make in your freelancing business, but if the price feels overwhelming, Ieva’s course comes with multiple payment options, so that you can pay as little as $70 at a time. Not to mention, if you’re not fully satisfied with the course, there’s a 10-day full money back guarantee!

So really, what do you have to lose?


11.Creative Freelancing Freedom
Wanderful World, Lizzie Davey
Cost: $247.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

You’ll notice that this course title makes no mention of writing, but Lizzie herself is a freelance writer who has put together a fantastic course for anyone who wishes to get into freelance anything.

Although it’s applicable for many different types of freelancing, Lizzie makes you feel as though she is speaking directly to you as a writer, and this course is a rock solid foundation for going from zero to hero in your freelancing business.

This course gets down to specifics, such as naming your business, defining your clients and creating consistent branding, as well as dealing with some of the more hairy aspects such as the legalities of being a freelancer.

$247 (with a 30-day money back guarantee) is a small price to pay for lifetime access to this treasure trove, and the cherry on top is that Lizzie is super approachable, and always available via email should you need some more in-depth help.

Plus, you get to hear the advice in her videos in a lovely British accent. What’s not to like?

12.Blogging 101
Writers Digest University
Cost: $250.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

This course teaches you how to build a blog from scratch, while still focusing mainly on the writing aspect and what a blog can do for your freelance writing business.

Writing for the web includes topics such as SEO, keywords, and formatting, and if you’re already confused by the technical terms, this course will turn all that confusion into knowledge and with some application, you can create yourself a well-written, editor’s eye-catching blog.

As they rightly point out, a blog is a way to share your expertise on a particular subject, and build an author platform at the same time. Your blog is your living portfolio, and having the skills to write for the web and produce appealing content is essential, as this will be the first place many people will go to check you out.

For $250, you can take a leap towards creating an online presence for yourself and getting noticed online by the right people.

Online Freelance Writing Courses Between $250 and $500

13. Travel Writing
Great Escape Publishing
Cost: $319.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

If you’ve ever thought of branching into this field of writing, this is the course to set you off. Travel writing might sound easy, but there’s a way of doing things in this field that will take some trial and error, and this course will accelerate that learning process.

Three experienced travel writers guide you through every step, from the stirrings of an idea to actually taking the trips that go along with this niche, how to condense your glorious travel experience into an appropriate article, and what publications would be best suited for what types of articles.

If you’re a freelance writer who enjoys being location-independent, this could be a fun, creative and lucrative niche to add to your repertoire, and this is the perfect way to get that foot in the door.

At $319 (with 15% off for paying the full fee, or the choice of eight monthly installments), this course is the best on the market if you’re keen to break into the travel sector.

14. Online Writing Classes
Cost: Most 6-week courses start at $350.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

Whatever aspect of your writing you’re looking to improve, Grub Street has something for you. Storytelling, poetry, essay writing … You’ll find something to sink your teeth into.

These are longer courses, each running for six weeks, and covering a variety of types of writing. I should add that it’s important to read the all of the course info before selecting one, as some are meant to be follow-up courses, and some also include a weekly Google Hangouts meeting to chat to like minded people.

Classes have a limit of 12 seats, so book early if one of these catches your eye.

Oh, and GrubStreet also give out scholarships, so if you feel one of these courses is calling your name, it’s a good option to check out!

15. Blogcademy Online
Cost: $497.00 (or two payments of $250.00)

Online Freelance Writing Courses

These three ladies have compiled a super course on How to Blog 101. I’d even go so far as to say How to Blog 202, because there really isn’t much they don’t cover.

With their mission being to help YOU create an “infectiously awesome online presence,” they’ve piled together 30+ collective years of experience, organized it into easily digestible pieces and put it out there for bloggers to follow, and boy, does it pack a punch.

Things like creating a business plan, networking, tips for taking photos for your blog, advertising, brand collaborations and diversifying your income … (Let those themes sink in for a moment) … Are covered in an easy to understand and easy to implement way.

Of course, as you should be realizing by now, this covers far more than the simple writing aspect of blogging, but as every freelance writer should have their own blog anyway, this is really the only blogging resource you’ll need.

It is aimed more at the ladies, but guys, if you’re okay with being called a babe here and there, there’s a shipload of good stuff in this one that you can make as much use of as the girls. This course is the best value you could possibly find online for the price, and be prepared to earn it right back with your new blog.

16. The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting
Cost: $497.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

Ah. While most of us can write a blog post in our sleep, copywriting for websites and businesses tends to intimidate even the most seasoned blog writers.

Think about it. Every website you visit, every brochure you read, every billboard you pass, every advertisement you see. Those words have been crafted by writers. Copywriters.

The potential for work in this niche is enormous. For most of us, though, it requires some serious dancing outside of our comfort zones, and that’s usually enough to put us off.

This is the course of all courses to springboard you into a copywriting career. For $497 you can get started on the road to an incredibly fulfilling writing life.

And don’t let that price put you off.

It’s worth every penny, and if you’re serious about it, you can earn that fee back in a jiff.

17. Freelance Writing
ACS Distance Education
Cost: $500.00

Online Freelance Writing Courses

This is a fairly comprehensive course that will definitely give anyone a good footing in the freelance writing world.

Consisting of ten modules, each ending off with an assignment, be prepared to cover things such as persuasive writing, active and passive language, conceptualization, creating a writing routine, editing, dealing with publishers, writing for newspapers and magazines and advertising writing, to name a few of the topics.

The best part is that you receive feedback on your writing from your tutors, and there is a super support system should you need to ask for info or clarification.

The price on the site is displayed in Australian dollars but is the equivalent of about $500 US (with a 5% discount for choosing the online course). A small price to pay for the value you’ll get from this course.

Online Freelance Writing Courses Over $500

18. Faber Academy Creative Writing Courses
Faber Academy
Cost: Varied

Online Freelance Writing Courses

Although many freelance writers never end up writing a novel, creativity is an essential part of going from a good to great writer.

A lot of Faber’s courses are geared towards writing fiction, but as writers, there is always something more for us to learn, and new ways to hone our craft, so don’t write these off.

Be sure to scroll through all of the available online courses, as some are already in progress and some begin later in the year. They vary from single-day, “Start to Write” courses, through to full year-long programs.

Be aware that Faber Academy is a British institution, which means your course prices are stated in pounds, and British spelling is used. Don’t let this put you off, though. This is a treasure chest of creative writing courses that you should certainly comb through.

19. Gotham Writers Courses
Gotham Writers
Cost: Varied

Online Freelance Writing Courses

Really, just the name should be enough to make you want to book a course here. Who wouldn’t want to study writing at the same place Batman did?

Script writing, food writing, grammar courses, video game writing, travel writing, how to add humor to your writing and a five-hour prompt-a-thon … These guys have something to interest every type of writer out there.

Once again, these vary from one-day courses to 10-week courses. And make sure to select the online option, unless you happen to be in New York. These babies fill up fast, so if Gotham sounds like the place for you, check it out now.

Prices for these courses vary, depending on the class you choose. While some courses will cost you a mere $150, others can be upwards of $500. A unique benefit of Gotham’s courses is that you can also pay extra for one-on-one training, coaching and mentoring.


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