Why it’s Important to Choose a Freelance Writing Niche

freelance writing niche

Freelance writing, by its very nature, requires a Jack-of-all-trades mentality. In this line of work, it pays to know a little bit about everything when you are first starting out. Writing about many different topics is, after all, a great way to discover what you love to write about. 

However, as you become a more seasoned writer, you may want to think about the benefits of choosing a freelance writing niche. Choosing a niche — or specialty — is akin to “settling down” in freelance writing terms. You are not running around with all of these random topics anymore…you have chosen “the one.” 

Now, unlike “settling down” in the real world, this is not to say you cannot still write about other things on the side. This just means that you have chosen something — that you know inside and out and are hopefully passionate about — in which to devote most of your freelance writing time. It is a great way to streamline your freelance writing gigs, and get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. You will see the benefits of choosing a freelance writing niche very early on, I promise.  Here are just a few ways that making this important choice can pay off big time!

Why it’s Important to Choose a Freelance Writing Niche

choose a freelance writing niche

Reason # 1: More Polish

While versatility is important for freelance writers, there will come a time when you get sick of constantly having to research completely foreign topics that you have very little knowledge about. Honestly, it will wear you out and sour you on writing. This is when you will want to find a specialty that you can really excel at writing about. 

When you choose a freelance writing niche, it will typically be a topic that you know inside and out, and you will, therefore, see the benefits right there on the page. Your writing will be more polished because you actually know the topic. This also happens to be a great learning experience… 

Let’s say you choose interior design as your freelance writing niche. You may already know a lot about design and aesthetics, but if you really throw yourself into the vast ocean of information out there about interior design, there is no limit to how much knowledge you will acquire. And when you know something well, you can write about it well. So the next time an interior designer comes knocking, needing help with a website, company blog, or promotional materials, you will be able to stand out among a sea of hungry writers because of your niche knowledge. 

Reason #2: Your Value as a Writer Will Go Up

Becoming an expert in a niche market can be very profitable and a great way to utilize your life experience! Many niche markets depend on people with experience in what they are writing about to give the content credibility. Having a background in areas like medicine, law, or education can give you a real edge when it comes to choosing a freelance writing niche. There is no need to despair if you do not already have experience in these high-pay areas. Many niche writers learn the tricks of the trade on the fly, as they write about it with no prior experience to lean on.

The lesson is, if you truly immerse yourself in the topic, you can become an expert!  Another big bonus to choosing a freelance writing niche is that you are putting out knowledgeable, informed content for the public to consume. In an era of clickbait, fake news, and content farms, we need all the real, concrete information we can get, written by people who know what they are talking about!   

Reason #3: Having a Freelance Writing Niche Makes the Job Easier 

Carving out a freelance writing niche will make your job so much easier and more enjoyable. Instead of spending hours researching new information for one job, you will be honing your craft with a topic you actually enjoy spending time on. With a freelance writing niche, it is more like you are building towards something with each new piece you write. When you choose a specialty to write about, you grow as you go, which is very rewarding. Writing can be tedious sometimes — it is just the name of the game — but when you are writing about what you know and love, it really can be the best job in the world! 

It is important to choose a freelance writing niche to truly advance as a writer. While we all started out writing about everything that came our way, the benefits of trimming the fat and focusing on certain niches will not only net you more money but provide you with a more rewarding freelance experience overall. Remember not to rush into choosing a niche for yourself. Take your time to discover what you would love to write about — that is half the fun, after all!

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