4 Reasons Why Confidence is Essential For a Freelance Writer

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The last piece of promotional copy you wrote — tell me, do you really believe the things you said?

A similar question can be posed for the articulate blog posts you submit on a regular basis. Do you truly understand the depths of what you are discussing? Could you refute counterarguments to the points you made?

Let’s take a step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture. As a freelance writer, are you actually a professional performing a task that not everyone can do, or did you just luck out and end up with a (mostly) cushy job because you were in the right place at the right time?

If you have ever levied any of these questions at yourself, you are not alone. Most copywriters go through a confidence crisis at one time or another. It can be easy to doubt yourself, but you should know that this is something you need to overcome.

Every freelance writer needs confidence. Not only does it help your work shine, but it can boost your entire career to new levels. Here are four reasons why every professional writer needs to be confident in their abilities.

1. Confidence (Or a Lack Thereof) Comes Through in Your Writing

There is an old saying about how animals can smell your fear. As it turns out, civilized human beings have a similar ability — they can detect when a writer does not believe what they are saying.

Readers like certainty in the content they choose to view. When the author is “straddling the fence” or taking an unclear stance throughout the piece, it comes through. Even if a reader is only checking out a piece for entertainment purposes, they appreciate it when the writer has a firm stance and delivers the point of the article in a concise and confident manner.

If there is no call-to-action and no real selling point being presented to the reader, sometimes a bit of ambiguity is acceptable. However, for certain types of copy, confidence can affect the results it provides to the client.

2. Confidence Translates Into Traffic and Sales

We all know that copywriters can pretty easily find work writing entertainment pieces. But even blogs meant to provide some casual content for websites usually have an underlying purpose behind them.

In most cases, the purpose of this copy is to drive up traffic. People will flock to sites that cover content they are interested in, especially if that copy is delivered in an authoritative and convincing manner. This style is also vital when you are writing to help a client increase sales.

It does not matter if you are trying to convince readers to subscribe to a monthly newsletter, buy a company’s latest product, or even become a regular patron at an organization. A confident tone can work wonders for incentivizing the reader to follow a call-to-action, as it will make them feel more confident in their decision as well.

Confidence is contagious. Not only can you benefit your clients when you write with confidence, but you can also help yourself.

3. Confidence Helps You Improve Your Writing

I will not sit here and tell you I have been satisfied with everything I have ever written. After all, I could not say that with truthfulness and confidence, and that is the point of this blog.

There is a misconception about good writers — or confident writers — and it stems mostly from peoples’ misunderstandings about what makes a competent copywriter to begin with.

Some people assume that writers gain their confidence by being naturally talented. While natural aptitude in linguistics and composition will certainly help you as a writer, confidence is the key to getting better.

Many writers (myself included) will recoil at their older work and even the initial drafts of their current pieces. But when we are more confident in our skills, we feel less apprehensive about putting our work out there. Even putting an outline together can make us feel uneasy sometimes, but it is important to channel your inner poise if you hope to improve.

Having faith in your abilities and recognizing the good aspects of your writing can help you get better. You will be more likely to accept new projects, and less likely to work at a slower pace for fear the result will not turn out the way you want. That confidence does not just translate into a higher self-esteem — it can also translate into a better living.

4. Confident Writers Make More Money

We have established that confident writers connect with their audiences more effectively, create better results for clients, and hone their craft at a quicker rate than those without confidence.

What does this mean for you? It means more jobs, more clients, and more long-term stability for your freelance writing career. This means more money. While freelance writers love weaving words together to create top-caliber copy, padding your bank account is also a nice perk.

I have yet to meet a real-estate agent, utility company, or retailer that accepts blogs and product descriptions in exchange for their services (still accepting offers, though). If you really want to make good money as a freelance writer, you have to create copy in such a way that you feel confident with the results. This will help your clients feel more confident in posting it, your readers to feel more confident in reading it, and you to feel more confident about your overall career.

How Do You Gain Confidence as a Freelance Writer?

There is an old trope used in works of fiction, concerning the idea of people being “naturals” at certain tasks. While we all have different strengths, every writer has to work at their craft in order to build confidence.

However, you should also know that your writing is probably better than you think. Many people tend to underestimate their own abilities, especially when compared to others. If you have a confident attitude, you will be able to complement your writing skillset in a big way. While solid skills are still a requirement that can not be substituted, a confident attitude can sometimes help you cover up the small shortcomings in your work.

Write with dedication, write with passion, and write with confidence. Your clients, your readers, and your bank account will thank you!

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Josh Stanley

Josh Stanley has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In addition to business, he also specializes in writing about technology, the writing industry, and the freelance lifestyle in general.

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