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My name is Brett Dvoretz and I run the Writer’s Job Board. I know it can be hard to start a freelance writing career or land your first paid writing job, so I’m here to help. Everything you find on this website is geared towards helping you get paid doing what you love; writing. I try and update the writing jobs every day with opportunities for beginning writers and pros. My writer’s tips section is focused on helping you improve your writing career, and the writer’s resources page is all about the tools I used on a daily basis in my freelance writing career. Check out all the sections and feel free to leave a comment. I read them just about every day.




  • Mermoz kouassi Ngbanan


    Mermoz kouassi from Abidjan inCote d’Ivoire

    Do you have some writing jobs that requiere a good commande of french?

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    • Hi Mermoz,

      You’ll have to just keep checking back on the job board. I don’t currently know of any of the top of my head, but writing jobs that require fluency in other languages do sometimes appear. When you check the board, you can type “French” into the search field to narrow down your results to those most relevant.

      Hope that helps.


  • Mark Long

    Hi Writers Job Board,
    My name is Mark and I am a blogger. I’ve been reading the blogs on your site for a few months and have become a regular visitor now.
    I’m interested in writing a guest post for you on any topic you’ve never posted about.

    Please let me know what course of action I should take to pursue this matter. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Long

  • Allan Seabrook

    Hi Brett,

    Good to find you! And I got here thanks to Contena.

    Do you have an e-mail subscription list I can be added to? I would love to find out more about your digital nomadic life. That’s something I’m working on establishing as well.


    • Hi Allan. There should have been a pop up opt in form the first time you visited our website? Did you not see it? If not, try clearing your browser cache (or clearing your history for just this one site) and then going back to the home page. If that doesn’t work, shoot me another message and I’ll manually add you. We only send out the e-mailer once or twice a month currently.

  • Peter

    Hi Brett, I could not find the email pop up. Kindly add me to your mailing list, so that I can be able to receive the posted jobs immediately.

  • Brenda McBean

    I am continually intrigued by the topics and organizations you put on your writing board. Recently I stopped applying as I don’t know if you accept applications from Canada. Do you?

    I have > 30 years experience writing for multiple venues — primarily health -related. I have 3 Master degrees (Clinical Pharmacy, Adult Education and Communication) all of which work nicely together for writing (Plain English), editing and/or proofreading. Among the many positions I have held, writing has been at the core having written for Canadian, US and UK clients. For the latter I am viewed as a “consultant” thus obiviating tax and company benefit implications. I also travel extensively thoughout the US.

    I hope to hear from you regarding submissions from Canadian writers. If you are able to do that relatively soon, I would like to apply to the Addictions and Recovery blogging (Taught University for 14 years with a large part being on the didactic and the practical for Addiction.

    Thank you, Brenda McBean MSc

    • Hi Brenda. We list jobs for other companies, so cannot answer as to whether or not they will hire a writer from Canada. Usually though, unless the job specifies a location, they are open to writers from anywhere.

  • How do I contact Julia Austin?

    • Hi Ron,
      We don’t give out our writer’s personal contact information unless they ask us to include an e-mail or other contact information on their posts. If you’d like, I can pass your contact information on to her along with a message and she can get in touch with you.

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