Finding Your Perfect Spot to Write

Finding-the-best-place-to-writeEvery writer has either a single place or multiple places where their creative juices really get flowing. Ernest Hemingway, the famous author of For Whom the Bell Tolls and many other timeless works, deemed the cafes littered throughout Paris to be his favorite spots to write during his early career. For many writers, the chattering of machines, devices, and people suits them well for a writing session. For others, a silent environment is best. This post will help you find your perfect spot for writing.


Find Where and When You’re Most Creative

It is easy to overlook the importance of location when it comes to creativity. We often downplay the role of our environment and physical surroundings in the creative process, partly because the process itself is largely enigmatic. While some people are more creative than others, choosing an optimal environment can help with squeezing out every last single ounce that you have, even if creativity isn’t your strong suit.


As you’d expect, one person will likely find different things inspiring from another. For example, some might make their first preference listening to the roar of the waves at the beach; it helps them think clearly and relax. Ultimately, you can have multiple places and times in which you feel most productive. As a tidbit, science has shown that being in a non-optimal mental state generally inspires creative thought; this includes when you’re drunk or extremely tired. For some, this state of grogginess occurs in the morning, while for others it occurs at night.


It’s also important to know your audience when writing any given material, as this can help you find your perfect spot. Different genres and types of writing can inspire different habits— e.g. writing an academic paper is different from writing a satirical play. You may very well find that you have different best writing spots for different genres and projects.


Stick to a Writing Routine

Just as important as having a good spot to write is having a routine for your writing habits. Having a consistent routine— which involves not only place, but writing at the same time every day, preparing in the same way— can help with harnessing creativity when it doesn’t come naturally. This is particularly true when you need to pump out a significant amount of work and are struggling to get anything down on the page.


For some people, a steady routine might mean waking up in the morning and writing until well into the afternoon. For others who haven’t fully dedicated themselves to the craft, it might mean writing every night at 10:00 p.m. for 20 minutes. Procrastination is a lot easier to do if you give yourself ways to avoid practicing your writing. Make a definite commitment to your writing, and you will see improvements in no time.


Maximizing Your Go-To Writing Spot

Once you find that place you work best, controlling that environment as much as possible can be immensely helpful. Your workspace should be clutter-free, and conducive to minimizing distractions. In terms of visual distractions, it is important to be aware of lighting if you write on a computer. You will want to minimize glare from the screen, which can come from excessive lighting, windows, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces.


You’ll also want to be aware of how you’re positioned while writing. Your head should sit 1 1/2 to 2 feet away from your laptop monitor, and you should avoid straining your neck by looking down. Slumping and crossing your legs will also hurt your posture. Also, you should move around frequently. For every hour spent writing, spend a solid 15 minutes getting up, walking, and stretching. Playing your favorite music never hurts either. Think of your time writing as time dedicated to yourself. Free your environment of distractions like social media and texts. Turning your phone on airplane mode is often advisable.


My Favorite Spot to Write

My favorite spot to write is on the outdoor tables outside of the largest building at my alma mater. Since I typically go there at night, it is a very serene and comfortable spot. Equipped with my own beverage, it’s almost as if I’m in an empty cafe. While I have never analyzed exactly why it lends itself to being such a great and inspirational spot, I think the fact that it’s close to my house and a place I’m familiar with makes it so I am most productive.


As you can see, each and every writer has a perfect place for practicing their craft. It might take time find your spot, but you will definitely find it if you apply the advice in this article to your own personal writing habits. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the time, place, or way in which you write. If you already have a favorite spot that makes you most productive in your writing, leave a comment and let us know where it is. You may be helping another writer find their ideal spot by opening their mind to places they never considered before.



Daniel Steingold

Daniel Steingold is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, CA. He has a number of writing projects, some more ambitious than others. He is also the one to thank for digging up many of the hard to find jobs you see on the Writers Job Board!

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