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Freelance billingBeing your own boss is a perk that many strive for, but tackling your own accounting is a responsibility that many freelancers dread. Although freelancing gives you the freedom to work in your pajamas, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Topping the list is keeping your books in order, which is essential if you want to get paid. Not only that, handling your freelance billing and book keeping like a professional will help you save money when tax time comes around as you’ll be more on top of your expenses and income. In the end, proper invoicing procedures will help you save time and legal hassle, but most importantly your sanity.

Luckily, we live in a time and age where invoicing software is readily available to help streamline the entire payment process, as well as track your expenses. This gives you more time to focus on your creativity rather than on administrative duties.  With so many choices out there, we’ve narrowed down some of our top picks.


This cloud-based invoicing solution is simplicity at its best and tops our recommendation list when it comes time to handle freelance billing. It has an easy learning curve, excellent customer support and the ability to integrate with a variety of different software. It is tailored for people who only bill out a few times a month, have minimal expenses, and need reliability on a dime.

Best Features:

  • Send invoices online immediately
  • Online payment option through Paypal
  • Auto-billing
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Recurring invoices
  • iPhone/Android apps
  • Easy branding and color scheming
  • Invoicing history
  • See when an invoice has been viewed

Pricing: Depending on how many users and clients you have, plans range from $19.95/month to $39.95/month. If you prefer, you can also Try out Freshbooks for Free for 30 days to see if you like it.



SageOne makes accounting and freelance billing a piece of cake with added features like project tracking, task management, collaboration and payment processing.  It is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs and fresh startups who don’t have a formal office to report to and are constantly on the move, as it will display on any device that has browser access.

Best Features:

  • Bank and credit cards can be integrated into the software
  • Automatically matches and categorizes recurring transactions
  • Payments are automatically applied against invoices
  • Generates profit and loss statements, balance sheets and aged invoices
  • 2 Administrators can have full access rights
  • Comes with 5GB of free storage

Pricing: A free 15 day trial is available. Pay as you go after the initial period for $9/month.



FreeAgent is a great tool if you lack accounting experience, but need an extra hand in managing your books and invoicing.  It has a clean interface that is easy to understand right off the bat, without all of the formal accounting jargon. This program allows you to manage your invoices and expenses, import bank statements, submit proposals or estimates, and view real-time cash flow. It gives you the ability to create beautiful customizable invoices and email them out within minutes.

Best Features

  • Set customizable payment reminders
  • Data is backed up several times an hour
  • Sends automated thank you emails
  • Multi-currency invoicing
  • Sales tax reports

Pricing: Can start with a free 30 Day trial. After the trial period, it is $24/month, but does not require a contract.


Quickbooks Online

This is a newer version of the original Quickbooks designed with the same look and feel, but targeted specifically for independent workers who have a lot of clients that they bill often. It helps those new to this state of freedom get accustomed to their reality by providing an effortless way to stay on top of their finances. There is a convenient “Actual Income” section that provides a real-time, at-a-glance view of your take-home pay amount after expenses and taxes. It will quickly get you on track and keep your head above the water.

Best Features:

  • Estimates quarterly taxes automatically
  • Mobile app tracks your income
  • Ability to upgrade your schedule C to Turbotax
  • Separate business and personal expenses in a single click
  • Trusted security with bank-grade encryption

Pricing: There is a free trial for 30 days to get you started. If you like the online version, there are plans as low as $13/month with the recommended Tax Bundle Plan costing $40/month. We also have a special offer where you can Take $100 off QuickBooks Pro 2016 Desktop Software and Get Free Shipping!



Xero has a straight forward, yet extensive user interface that can get you squared away quickly and efficiently.  It has a top-notch set-up process with built in help to make things go as smoothly as possible. The program is easy to navigate, very mobile responsive, and has an aesthetically pleasing dashboard. It is known as the as the “QuickBooks alternative,” for those who prefer a streamlined freelance billing software that is easier to understand and use.

Best Features:

  • Separate version for managing personal finances
  • Free to add unlimited users
  • No setup fees or contracts, can cancel at any time
  • Continually reconciles real banking transactions
  • Excellent 24/7 email support and help center
  • Export reports to PDF and Google Docs format
  • Creates monthly management reports

Pricing: 3 main plans to choose from starting at only $9/month, depending on your needs. You can SAVE 30% for Your First 6 Months! on the Starter Plan, which is recommended for freelancers and allows you to process up to 5 invoices and 5 bills each month, and to reconcile up to 20 bank statement lines. It also includes 1 GB of online file storage. You can also Try Xero for Free


There are many important factors to consider when choosing an accounting software that is right for you.  Evaluate whether it has the features or functionalities you need to handle your volume and style of freelance billing, is on point with your budget, and actually saves you time and energy in the end. With these simple solutions you can keep your professional freedom without being bogged down by financial chaos.


Kelly Yaep

Kelly is a Southern California native with a Business Marketing degree from USC. She loves writing, design or anything that is a form of creative expression. When she's not fixed to the computer, you'll most likely find her working on a house project for her fixer upper or playing taxi for her kids.

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