Get Paid To Write: 4 Ways To Start Earning Money Today

get paid to write online for magazines for newpapersFreelance writers rejoice. The internet has opened up a world of opportunity for writers and creatives alike to generate an income doing what they love and get paid to write online.

While it may seem like a saturated market with every other person in a Starbucks armed with a laptop claiming to be a “blogger,” for better or worse, the web has expanded the range of possibilities for writers (including those aspiring) to earn money and make a living.

Believe it or not, there are myriad writing opportunities beyond blogging. For those who are serious about making it as a writer, there are hundreds of ways to turn your skillset into a profit, and earn money online by simply doing what you are good at— that is, writing.  Every day business owners, marketers, webmasters, magazine editors, news sites, daily journals and the like are actively searching for new content and the writers who can provide it for them.

It’s time for you to get paid to write. Below are just a few of the many different outlets you can explore to generate an income from your writing, online.

1. Get Paid To Write For Magazines

We all dream of seeing our name in print in a glossy magazine. When you are a new writer, getting your foot in the door can seem daunting, and imagining your byline in print can seem like a pipe-dream. These days, however, there are hundreds of magazines published online to which both new and experienced writers are encouraged to submit their best work.

With some initiative and a bit of patience, you can get paid to write for magazines and start earning yourself a living (as well as a bit of writerly street cred).

Here are some tips to help you get started writing for magazines:

  • Find your niche: Everyone is an expert in something. When planning to write for magazines, think of the old saying “write what you know.” Cliché, yes. However, true nevertheless. Consider your skills, your background, and your experiences. What makes you an expert? Find your writing niche and then begin to formulate article ideas that relate to your niche.
  • Search for Opportunities: Once you know what you want to write about, it is time to search for opportunities. A great place to start your search and find the right market for your work is the Paying Markets list on The Writer’s Job Board. When browsing the extensive list, it is important to record the pertinent information for the publications in which you are interested. You want to be able to give the editors exactly what they want, so do some research before you start submitting queries.
  • Submit Queries: Once you have done your research and found a publication you feel comfortable writing for, it is time submit a query letter. A query letter is essentially a sales pitch to an editor, informing them of who you are, what you want to write about, and why you are the right person for the job. You can usually find submission and query guidelines for a publication on their website.
  • Write and Submit: If and when your query letter is accepted, and you have the go-ahead from the editor, it is time to get down to work. Always check and then double-check your article before submitting your final copy. Chances are, if you meet your deadline, respect the publisher’s guidelines and impress your editor with a professional submission, you will be given more writing opportunities with that publication.

2. Get Paid To Write for Websites

These days, content is king and every company head, small business owner, advertiser, blogger, or entrepreneur knows that the best way to engage old customers and attract new ones is with fresh and useful content. As one of the most readily available online jobs for writers presently, content writing is a great way for freelance writers to get paid to write and earn a steady income from home.

Writing for the web is altogether different than writing for print or magazines. Web content is expected to be short, punchy, structured and powerful because it must adapt to modern media forms (websites, social media, mobile optimization) as well as the shortened attention spans of normal readers.

While the style of writing, subject matter and scope of the work is wholly decided by the client, there is a market full of endless opportunities. From providing corporate clients with newsletters, press releases, and reports, to providing small businesses or startups with weekly blog posts, you can wave goodbye to monotony.

“Content Mills” that often act as the middleman between writer and client can provide newcomers with an onslaught of relatively easy gigs. You should expect to earn around $10 per hour on sites like Constant Content, Textbroker, Upwork, and Freelancer.

For more experienced freelance writers, our post, 25 Best Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs, is a great place to start in your search for the perfect online writing gig.

3. Get Paid to Write Creative Prose

For those creative writers, who are more partial to writing poetry than press releases, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to make a buck online. The Poets and Writers Database is a great resource for creative writers to source paying publications for their short stories, poems, or literary essays.

Another, more unconventional way for writers to earn money online is by writing for greeting cards. For the especially poetic, writers can earn anywhere from $10 to $400 per accepted poem or verse. Some of these greeting card companies accept one-time submissions, whereas others work on a contract, basis. To get started in your greeting card career, check out the following:

4. Get Paid to Write for Newspapers

The common belief is that newspaper culture is dying. While there may be some truth to this theory (in a physical sense), people still look for and read the news. That will likely never change. In an effort to keep up with the digital age, most of today’s major weeklies and dailies have created online editions to complement their paper editions. There are also a lot more places to get your news and current events these days — which means a lot more opportunities for writers to become contributors.

Check your local newspapers or favorite news sites for a “submissions” section online. There, you should be able to find everything you need to know about what kind of stories or articles the publication accepts. You will also find information on how to submit and what sort of compensation you can expect. Remember, just because the first place you look does not accept submissions or pay for stories, doesn’t mean the next won’t. Getting paid to write online demands a bit of effort on the writer’s part, but it can be (and is) done.


If you are a freelance writer, you know first-hand the struggles of living a creative life. It is not a conventional career path, but with a passion for your craft and a little determination, one will find there is a world of resources at their fingertips. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or make writing a full-time job, you can use these four outlets as starting points and get paid to write online.  


Claudette Ngwe-Nwi

Claudette Ngwe-Nwi is a freelance writer and translator (English French) specialized in online content and SEO articles. She has written poems and short stories, and is currently working on her first novel. She likes to network with other translators, writers and clients, so get in touch with her on her website.

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