5 Tips to Improve Your Web Copy & Create a Feast of Words

improve your web copy

Even though Christmas music is already finding its way onto radio stations and decorations were in stores back when kids were still buying their Halloween costumes, if you are American, there is another great holiday sandwiched in between.

Thanksgiving is a time for showing gratitude, being with loved ones and enjoying way too much food. Even the mere mention of the holiday brings to mind images of long tables, set to perfection with attention given to even the smallest detail.

Many of the characteristics of a good Thanksgiving meal are also present in a good piece of web copy. The variety, the preparation, the unique special touches that set us apart from everyone else — they are all usually there at the table, and they should be present in your web copy as well.

When you are thinking of ways to improve your web copy, consider approaching it the same way a cook would when they are putting together a holiday meal. Rather than simply putting words into a document, you can turn your copy into a delicious feast for the eyes and the mind of any reader who views it. Lets dig in…

5 Tips to Improve Your Web Copy

improve your web copy


1. Variety = Something for Everyone

At the Thanksgiving table, there are usually plenty of dishes to choose from. From main courses to sides to desserts, a great holiday meal offers a little of everything to ensure each guest goes home with a full belly and feeling wholly satisfied.

Doing this also ensures that the meal doesn’t come off as bland or one-dimensional. For those of us who make our living writing, this is a good model to follow. Variety is everything. It keeps things exciting and keeps the reader engaged.

Just as we can mix things up at the dinner table to create a better experience, we can do the same thing with our web copy. Mix up your sentence length. Utilize a diverse vocabulary and even different tones if the client you are writing for allows it. When you value variety, your readers will thank you.

2. Small Touches Have a Big Impact

Anyone who has ever cooked a Thanksgiving meal knows that sometimes the smallest additions can have a major effect on the overall appeal of the meal. Even as someone who has to focus really hard to master the microwave sometimes, I can tell you that cuisine is better with subtle touches.

The same thing is true when it comes to your writing. Some simple additions to your copy, when used sparingly, can really liven things up and take your copy from good to great. Some options to consider are:

  • Bullet Points: A bulleted or numbered list in the right place can add clarity and organization to your post.
  • Good Anchor Text: When hyperlinking, choose anchor text that looks natural and has a good chance of being entered into a search engine.
  • Wordplay: If the tone of the copy permits it, engage in a bit of creative wordplay on occasion. It will make your copy more humanistic, and help you create a feast of words for the reader.

Just like you don’t want to bury your food in seasoning or drown it in gravy, you want to make sure your copy doesn’t depend too heavily on these small touches. Used in moderation, they can accentuate the good aspects of your copy and even help cover up any small issues it may have.

3. Make Sure You Set Things Up Properly

When your guests sit down at the Thanksgiving table, you want to make sure they have everything they need — in addition to the food, of course.

Silverware, napkins, salt and pepper, and many other small considerations ensure the table is set to complement the meal and the guest’s experience. When you are looking for ways to improve your web copy, don’t forget the importance of setting things up before you delve into the meat of the work.

You can have great information, but without proper formatting, it may be lost on the reader. Include headings, be mindful of your structure, and always pay attention to flow. Your ideas should tie into one another, creating a work that is easy to follow. Spacing helps with this too — don’t overload your readers. Much like dinner guests, they prefer to enjoy at their own pace.

4. The Main Course Still Matters

Despite all the small touches and setup that goes into making a Thanksgiving meal great, it is the main course that is the real hook. Whether you choose turkey, ham, or any other dish as the centerpiece of your holiday feast, it is important to remember that the main attraction is what everything else ties into.

The same is true for your copy. You can have the same formatting and heading styles as professional bloggers, but if your copy doesn’t tell people what they want to know it will be subpar by default.

The best way to do this is to be honest and upfront about what the copy entails. You wouldn’t invite a dinner guest for Thanksgiving only to tell them that you are replacing the bird with hot dogs, so you should understand what readers will expect from your copy and deliver accordingly.

5. Unique Additions Are a Good Thing

Just to clarify, I have nothing against anyone who eats hot dogs for Thanksgiving. So long as there is truth in the advertising beforehand, adding a unique touch to your holiday meal can make it all the more special and all the more memorable for your guests.

When you are looking for ways to improve your web copy, there are countless guides you can follow to make sure your work matches up to professional standards. But you don’t want to be like everyone else. Well, if you are aiming to be a successful writer, you want to be like other successful writers. But just because your style is a little different from someone else’s writing, does not mean it is bad.

Your word choices, your use of symbolism and analogies, your formatting style, and many other unique aspects of your writing can help it — and you — to stand out. Admittedly, a main course of hot dogs would be easier to remember than a turkey. Just make sure they are tasty — and don’t forget to wash it down with a cold drink.

I don’t have a writing allegory for that one. I just mean eat, drink, and be merry! Oh no, the Christmas references are creeping in already.

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