How to Increase Your Freelance Income Without Landing New Clients

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When most folks think about becoming a freelance writer, they usually think of leisurely days spent working from their couch in their pajamas. But in reality, there are tons of little administrative tasks that manage to get in the way of this dream scenario. Invoicing, scheduling, communicating with clients, tackling stacks of revisions, keeping your online portfolio up to date and the most time-consuming of all — landing new clients.

Yep, scoring new projects and building long-term relationships is thrilling. But it involves a hefty amount of elbow grease on your end. Finding work is always one of the biggest challenges of being a freelance writer. Pitching to a new client, reviewing the contract forms, figuring out payment numbers and processes, and learning the ins and outs of their wants and needs takes up a lot of time and energy that ends up being totally unbillable.

As much as I love taking on a new client, I’ve found out that the simplest and most effective way to increase my freelance income is to utilize the clients that I already have.

How? Upselling. This is the key to increasing your freelance income without chasing clients or raising your rates. How does one do this? Easy. You simply offer them more work. Let’s say you’re writing only one piece a month for a current client. After establishing a solid relationship with that particular client, offer to write two articles per month, or even a piece per week.

You get the point. When you upsell, you basically offer extended services (and thus, more work) to the clients that you already have. This can increase your freelance income without the hours upon hours of trying to track down and onboard new clients and projects.

How to Upsell Existing Clients & Increase Your Freelance Income

Many freelance writers are hesitant to start upselling their clients for fear of seeming too pushy or aggressive. What if your client puts an end to the relationship because they take such offense to your actions?

There are several things you can do to ensure this does not happen.

1. Develop a Relationship With Your Client

While the idea of increasing your freelance income has probably piqued your interest, it’s critical that you develop a well-established and positive relationship with your client before trying to upsell them. This means consistently turning in high-quality content, never missing deadlines, and always keeping the channels of communication open.

2. Enhance Your Listening Skills

When you’re pitching additional work or services to your existing clients, it’s imperative that you make sure that your suggestions are as relevant as possible to the company’s goals and future plans. This means that you listen carefully to pick up on those murmurs.

For instance, if the client you’ve been working with is talking about taking a step back from content marketing, it’s probably not in your best interest to pitch an entirely revamped blog strategy. But if they wanted to grow a more engaged social media community? That’s the perfect time to pitch additional social media content.

The trick is to stay engaged with your client and keep your finger on the pulse of the whole picture — not just your own piece of the puzzle.

3. Emphasize Results

This is important when suggesting more work to a client. You want them to see it as more than just additional payment out of their budget that increases your freelance income.

It is critical that you put an emphasis on what exactly your client will get out of this extra work that you’ll provide. Could they get a resource to help grow their mailing list? A more engaged community of social media followers? An improved online presence?

Emphasize these results when pitching your additional services. This will help your client to see you as more than a freelancer chasing a couple extra dollars.

4. Accept the Answer

Your client may be thrilled that you’re willing to add additional work to your plate. If this is the case, great. You have just successfully increased your freelance income.

However, you should also be prepared that while your pitch was effective it may not be something that they are interested in pursuing at this time. It’s important in this scenario that if you don’t want to seem pushy, you simply accept their answer and move on immediately.

The bottom line is that it is totally possible to increase your freelance income without landing additional clients. The key is to upsell, upsell, upsell while still providing awesome content.

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