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Paying Markets for Freelance Writers. Find your next writing gig or freelance writing job here!
In our quest to help you land great writing jobs that pay more than peanuts, we have put together a huge list of paying markets for freelance writers including a number of print and online publications.  We have done our best to ensure that all of the publications listed below are still open to submissions, but if you come across any that aren’t, drop us a line and let us know so that we can remove it from the list. As usual, we will do our best to include current rates and links to submission guidelines.


Cruising Outpost: A paying market for freelance writers that is all about the sailing lifestyle and sailing related topics, it’s readers are weekend sailors and long-term cruisers. Their submission guidelines give a detailed description of each section which is helpful for coming up with ideas to pitch. Payment ranges from $50 t0 $250

Crusing World: Focusing on all things sailboat related, this is the magazine for live-aboard sailors, long-term cruisers, and sailing enthusiasts. They publish guides, how-tos, features, gear and boat revies, and more. Pay ranges from $25 to $200 for short stories and up to $1000 for features. They set their editorial schedule long in advance. If you are a sailing writer or photographer, you should check out their submission guidelines.

Good Old Boat: Publishing articles focused on pride of boat ownership, upgrades, restoration, maintenance, and a few other topics; they have a unique niche. They don’t like articles on destinations, cruising, or races as they feel those areas are already well covered. Pay is good and ranges from $50 for shorter pieces all the way up to $700 for features. Submission guidelines are located here.



 Alaska Parent: This paying market likes a fresh, engaging writing style on things that matter to local parents. Some topics they cover include health & wellness, education, pregnancy & babies, enrichment activities, holidays, sports & fitness, nutrition, technology, special needs, parties & celebrations, green living, family travel and all ages & stages. Pay is from $40 to$200 and their submission guidelines are very detailed.

HomeSchool World: According to their submission guidelines, they don’t have a writer’s guidelines. Instead they ask you to submit your article idea and your background. They prefer to publish pieces that are practical and explain how to meet some homeschool challenge or how to venture forth in to some new area. Pay is low at just $50 per article including photos.

Parents and Kids Magazine: How can you not want to write for a publication that starts out their submission guidelines page with “Freelancers are among the most wonderful people on the planet!” Their submission guidelines have a full listing of their editorial calendar so you can submit a query geared towards a specific issue. They focus on a wide variety of family related topics and pay $25 per submission.



Eating Well: They have a print version and website, but they mostly take submissions from freelance writers for the print publication which is later translated to digital. They focus on everything food not just healthy eating. So stories on food origins, exotic food cultures, social food related issues and more. This page has their submission guidelines and tips to help you have a better chance of a pitch being accepted. Pay is up to $1.00 per word.

WineMaker Magazine: As you might imagine, the WineMaker targets home enthusiasts who enjoy making their own wine. They like to publish straightforward, factual articles they help to teach their readers something. Tips, shortcuts, recipes, general interest and more are all fair game. Check out their submission guidelines to learn about what they like to publish and how to submit your queries. Payment is between $50 and $150 per article.



Chicken Soup for the Soul: This is actually a regularly published book that is always looking for more stories. These are first person stories written with emotion and drama. I categorize it as a mental health publication which is why I have put it in the Health section. In addition to the $200 payment, you’ll also receive 10 free copies of the book your story appears in. Submission guidelines are here.

Heart Insight: A quarterly magazine that is a paying market for submissions with tips for managing and reducing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, and other heart related issues. Practical advice is best. Pay for freelance writers is $0.75 per word. Check out their writer submission guidelines for more details.

Yoga Journal: The Yoga Journal is largely written by freelance writers so they accept a lot of submissions every year. The three departments they take queries for are the Yoga Scene, Eating Wisely, and Om. Stories are takes six months before publication so bear that in mind if you are submitting seasonal pieces. Check out their submission guidelines.



AARP: A lifestyle magazine and website focusing on all aspects of living for those aged 50 and up. Everything from money and travel to fitness and relationships are covered with everything in between. If it applies to retired people they want it. Pay is around $1 per word and submission guidelines can be found here.

Coastal Living: Focusing on oceanfront homes, destinations, and activities, Coastal Living probably could have been put in the travel section as well. Their specific areas of focus are the North American coast, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and the Caribbean. They even publish stories about the Great Lakes and surrounding areas. Check out their submission guidelines. Pay is $1 per word.

Cottage Life: Taking submissions from freelance writers for their website and in-print magazine, they focus on cottage living mostly around Canada, but they also publish stories about other locales. Pay is extremely good and can range from $75 to $4000 depending on publication source, length, and style. Check out their submission guidelines here.

Girls Life: A digital and print magazine for teen girls that publishes advice, guides, profiles, and more. They pay up to $0.75 a word and their submission guidelines are very detailed.

Midwest Living: This is a good paying market for freelance writers live in Illinois or the 12 states surrounding it. You can apply to write for their print magazine or their website. Both focus on life in the American heartlands. Anything interesting and little known in around those states is of interest to them. It can be up to a year before your story is published and all rates are negotiable based on the story and the writer. Here are there submission guidelines.

Ruralite: Ruralite readers are predominantly rural or small-town residents who like stories about people and issues that affect their Northwest lifestyles. Other regular topics include human interest and energy-related articles, as well as a limited number of Northwest travel, outdoor and unique history features. Pay is from $50 to $500 and they will pay extra for your photos. Submission guidelines are locate here.



Writer’s Digest: Focusing on a variety of writing related topics, anything from how to become a better writer to finding higher paying jobs and how to get published could potentially be accepted. Pay is generally from $0.30 to $0.50 per word. Check out their submission guidelines.

The Sun Magazine: Its a literary magazine that likes to publish works emerging artists so they take essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry. According to their submission guidelines they prefer a personal writing style, but are open to political and cultural issues as well. Pay from $300 to $2,000.



Bitch Magazine: They describe themselves as the “feminist response to pop culture.” They like pieces that promote discussion on cultural attitudes, myths, phenomena of the popular imagination, and social trends specifically as geared towards women. They pay between $25 and $100 per piece. Their submission guidelines explain in detail what they are looking for and their themes for future issues.

Hendon Publishing: Geared towards readers in the Law Enforcement industry, Hendo Publishing focuses on readers ranked sergeant or  above in the police department. Their goal is to inform and officers and improve police operations nationwide. Police force experience is helpful, but not required for writers. Pay is from $0.10 t0 $0.25 per word and you can find their submission guidelines here.

New West: New West has a very broad focus. They describe themselves as a “smart guide to the issues, trends and events that impact the fabric of the region.” The topics they cover include culture, politics, growth, demographics, energy, environmental issues, new economy (tech, biotech, venture capital, etc.), tourism and travel, lifestyle, outdoors, wildlife, Western literature, film and food. Pay ranges from $50 to $500 depending on whether it has local or regional appeal. Take a look at their submission guidelines.

Popular Woodworking: A magazine that focus on all aspects of the woodworking craft, from tool use to building techniques. Their pay ranges from $50 for tips to $250 or more for one page articles. Their submission guidelines include a sample query so you can learn how they like articles pitched.

The Krazy Coupon Lady: This is a great paying market for freelance writers who have lots of tips on saving money.They take submissions that tell their readers how to save on style, home, gardening, travel, entertainment, and more. As you might imagine, they also have a section on extreme couponing. Their submission guidelines give tips on crafting the right type of article for their publication. Pay is $50 per article.



Gray’s Sporting Journal: A publication that focuses mostly on fly-fishing, big game hunting, trip planning, and outdoor gear. They only take full manuscripts. No queries. Pay is good between $600 and $1250 with extra for photographs. Submission guidelines are here.

National Parks Magazine: Focused on the American National Parks specifically, they aren’t a paying marketing for writers who focus on general environmental problems or land not managed by the park system. Articles highlighting new threats, scientific discoveries, endangered species, and legislative issues are all good. Pay is $0.70 to $1.00 per word and their submission guidelines are located here.

National Wild Turkey Federation: They run three different publications; Turkey Country, Jake’s Magazine, and Xtreme Jake’s Magazine. All are focused on the outdoor and hunting lifestyle. Because they run three publications, they have a wide range of topics they take submissions for including hunting, adventure activities, camping, conservation, and more. Submission guidelines are very detailed and rates from $250 to $550.



Popular Mechanics: They are really more than a tech magazine as they publish pieces on the outdoors, adventure, science, DIY, and more, but I have considered them first and foremost a tech publication. Their print magazine is divided into sections and you need to send your submission to the relevant department. Here is a run down of their typical reader: 37-year-old male, married with kids,  technologically inclined, and makes decent salary. Pay is up to $0.70 per word and guidelines are located here.

World Start: A publication that is focused on providing readers with computer tips and tricks. Mostly they take submission for their newsletter which is published daily and has a readership basis of 300,000. Pay is from $25 to $50 depending on the length and their submission guidelines can be found here.



Bootsnall: Publishing guides, tips, how-tos, feature articles, destination pieces and more, they don’t pay as well as some travel publications but they have a huge readership and it’s a great way to get your name out there to help build your reputations. Pay ranges from $30 to $50 an article and their submission guidelines are located here.

Budget Travel: Budget Travel is all about destination features, deals, practical travel tips, and finding ways to travel for less. We don’t have info on their pay, but we have heard whispers it is pretty decent. Their submission guidelines leave a lot to be desired so take some time and familiarize yourself with their publication so you send a relevant piece.

Delta: In-flight magazines are great paying markets for freelance writers. Their pay is high and they usually have a huge reader base. On the other hand they won’t be providing back links to your blog or website so it’s a trade off. Delta is a great magazine to write for as it really helps to add to your reputation. After writing for Delta other publications will certainly pay more attention to your pitches in the future. Submission guidelines are located here.

Go Nomad: An online travel publication that likes unique articles and research destination pieces that give tips on activities and great experiences. Their submission guidelines for freelance travel writers say they want honest, accurate information. You also need to submit photos with your piece. Pay is $25 per article.

Hawaii Magazine: As you might have guessed, Hawaii Magazine focuses on Hawaii.  They welcome submissions from freelancers who are knowledgeable on the state and it is geared towards people who reside elsewhere. Pay is really good from $250 to $2000 depending on length, complexity, and section. They have a readership base of 250,000 so your work will reach a lot of eyes. Submission guides can be found here.


  • titilope

    hi, i am titilope from nigeria and i want to start a part-time freelancing job. i am a content writer, articule writer and rewriter,transcriber,editor(edit content/articules/ebook). i can write ebooks too and also proof-read, and some people just have this racist attitude toward nigerians. pls help me. i needa job that people will not condem me before they see my job.Thanks. please I hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Titilope. I’m sorry, but there is no way I can help you. You just have to keep applying and let your work speak for itself. If your samples are good enough, there is no reason you should not be hired. I am also not sure as to how or why your ethnicity comes into play. Are you telling people that you are Nigerian in your application e-mail? If so, there is no reason to be doing that. Apply with a well written e-mail that is related to their job description. Include links to good samples, and and provide relevant information. All the best. I hope these tips help you.

    • Jesse

      Hi, Titilope. Mmm… you just made me feel more grievous than I should be. With such a large pool of glaring errors (articules, proof-read, capitalization issues etc.) in this brief comment of yours, it can only leave the rest of us (actual writers) sour-mouthed. I bet you may call me a racist right away but I’m not; I’m an African and a Ghanaian (plus a real writer). If you want to write as a paid writer, please develop yourself, build up on your skills. At least, that will make you stand a better chance. After all, all you need is a brain and good grammar — diction and the like.

      It’s really hard for some of us (non-native writers) who, despite are exceptional writing abilities, are unfairly sidelined. But who else can we blame if not those (unqualified non-natives) who muddied the waters before we came? Please, don’t take this as a personal attack as I only mean to convey an important message. Brett’s advice would help, “You just have to keep applying and let your work speak for itself. If your samples are good enough, there is no reason you should not be hired.”

      @Brett, thanks for this wonderful article.

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  • Wanda Williams

    Hi..My name is Wanda. I believe I would enjoy writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Anyone have any advice?

    • I’ve been published there. They only allow 1200 words so your story has to move fast.
      Go for strong emotional impact.d
      The best thing you can do it get a hold of some of the books and read the stories. That will give you a feel for the tone and type of stories they prefer.
      You want a strong opener and a positive conclusion.
      Hope that helps.

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