Make Money From Your Couch With These 6 Work-From-Home Writing Jobs

work from home writing jobs

Whether you’re a professional freelancer, looking for a side hustle, or want a career change, making money from your couch is a pretty appealing job description. Work-from-home writing jobs are becoming more and more popular in various industries thanks to technology. Now that you can Skype into conference meetings and have collaborative work documents, who needs an office? Freelance writers, bloggers, and others know what’s up. Now, it’s your turn! Check out these six work-from-home writing jobs to help you make money from your couch.

1. Source Writing Gigs Through Agencies & Content Mills

This first one is more a type of job than it is one singular company or industry. You may be familiar with a few on this list of online job sources for writers: ClearVoice, Scripted, or Textbroker. These are what are known as “content mills” or third party databases where those with content needs post their contracts and you apply to fulfill them. Upwork functions in a similar fashion, but has moved on to become more like an agency for freelancers than a content mill. One of the issues with pursuing contracts on content mills is the variation in payment brackets. Some have rating systems where you start out with a specific score such as 3, 4, or 5 stars, but can only charge .01 cents per word. If you do the math, that’s not a ton of money for a 300-word blurb let alone a 2000 word article with scholarly sources. Good news: you have a ton of other options!

2. Try Your Hand Writing For Greeting Card Companies

Your second work-from-home option comes from an unlikely or little-known source: greeting card companies. That’s right — you can make a solid income crafting copy for greeting cards! While Hallmark may be one of the most well-known card makers next to Papyrus, American Greetings actually holds the title of the largest greeting card company. You don’t have to limit yourself to sappy platitudes or generic congratulatory phrases either. Some companies like Blue Mountain Arts want poetry for their cards. Another notable company, Some E-Cards, isn’t hiring currently, unfortunately, but you should keep your eyes out.

3. Become a Professional Resume Writer

Your next option for work-from-home writing jobs might surprise you! Many independent firms have begun to outsource their business consulting for tasks such as cover letters and resume writing. This means that you can capitalize on their needs and develop your skills as a resume writer. While you can find local companies on Indeed or even LinkedIn, a couple other evergreen companies to pursue resume writing jobs at are RiseSmart and Talent, Inc. The tricky part is to cater different resumes to different industries. You don’t necessarily want the same focus, information, or even layout for a resume for a marketing executive as you would for an electrical engineer.

4. Flex Your Creativity Muscle Writing Short Stories

Creative Writing majors and novelists rejoice: short story writing is your fourth source of couch-based income. As work-from-home writing jobs go, this has to be one of the coolest. It is also, somewhat surprisingly, one of the most unique and creative sources of at-home income. Some companies pay for general short stories while others are more focused such as this collection of magazines which pays for science fiction stories. The only downside to pursuing these contracts is that the payment is not guaranteed. Don’t get too worried — I don’t mean that these people won’t pay you for your work; I mean that these contracts generally function like writing competitions. Your work is chosen based on how your submission compares to others, but competition is healthy…right?

5. Break Into The Blogosphere

SEO blog and content writing is practically the number one way to make money from home, but it can be a difficult market to break into for some. Lucky for you, our own job postings here at The Writer’s Job Board offers dozens of opportunities every single week. Many of these postings feature either blog or article writing and SEO job opportunities, as well. Often times, applications for the job are just a quick five-minute session of filling out a Google form. Others do require unique writing samples, but at this point, you’re a pro at work-from-home writing jobs. We believe in you.

Better yet, if you have the time and aren’t afraid of the challenge — start your own blog.

6. Submit to Magazines

Your final chance to make money from your couch with a work-from-home writing job is a two-fer: magazine submissions & product reviews. Of course, these are not mutually exclusive, but we like to be magnanimous at the Writer’s Job Board. Plenty of magazine companies like Modern Luxury offer market rates for their contributing writers, but it can be difficult to break into that market. Your best bet is to find online sources that pay writers. Product reviews can be difficult to come by and some ads you’ll find on Craigslist can be scams. It’s best to seek out these opportunities on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

Pro-tip: a big part of working from home is staying on top of all of your sources for making money. Keeping an article like this bookmarked is an easy way to access a collection of job sources!

Well…what are you waiting for? Start making money already!


Juliet Childers

Juliet Childers is an editorial content provider, social media consultant, and brand developer for hire who focuses on tailoring her approach to her client's needs, as well as developing a very specific brand image and voice. She writes locally for Houston Magazine and Modern Luxury Weddings Houston and acts as a content producer and creative consultant for Edgy Labs. She is thrilled to be on the editorial team for the Writer's Job Board and to help her fellow freelancers better understand the Wild West of contract work.

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