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As a freelance writer, there are a variety of tools you can use to help you make more money writing, increase your online presence, become a better writer, and land more freelance writing jobs. Now I think some of the tools I have use are 100% necessary while others are optional, but I believe they all have a time and place when they can help enhance your career. Here are my favorite writer’s resources I use on a daily basis.

Web Hosting

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional writer, you are going to need your own website. You have a choice of making a portfolio style site or you can do a blog. I have both, plus this site and a couple of other pet projects. If you do a blog, your best bet is to write about the topics you want to be paid to write about. It’ll improve your portfolio and help you land higher paying freelance writing jobs.


I have tried three hosting sites/styles for my websites. I started with free wordpress hosting, but found my effectiveness hampered by their numerous restrictions so I soon moved on. This website is hosted on Bluehost and it is by far the easiest host I have ever used. They are reasonably priced and their user interface is as simple as it gets. You can use their one click WordPress install feature to quickly get your blog up and running in no time.

They have a variety of additional features including multiple site-based e-mail options, a page speed grader, anti-spam app, and more. As a tech novice, my favorite has to be the auto backup feature. I can’t tell you how many times it has saved my butt after I have tried editing some aspect of my code and completely crashed my website. All you have to do is go to your dash board, find the site back up icon and pick one of the automatically created back up files to restore your site.

Their customer service is top notch too. You have access to 24 hour live chat, so no matter when you have a problem. There is somebody to help. I really can’t say enough about Bluehost and their services to do them justice.


Too often we forget that freelance writing is a business and we need to treat it that way. It’s important to keep good records so we are prepared when tax time comes around. Even more important to me is keeping track of my expenses so I can write off as much as possible.

FreshBooks – Invoice Like a Boss!

I used to just use Paypal as my record keeping source, but it’s not really designed for that. While I can see what payments have come in over a given month, it doesn’t help me keep track of which clients have paid and which haven’t, nor does it help me to create invoices. Freshbooks does all of that. It’s one of my favorite new writing resources to manage my billing. It helps me create better invoices for my clients which improves my professional image. I also love the handy tool which allows me to ask for a client review when I send the bill. I have collected so many more client testimonials since I started using Freshbooks that I have used to land better freelance writing gigs.

Make More Money Writing

As freelance writers, we are all looking for ways to improve our writing income. It could be the goal of monetizing our blog or just landing higher paying writing gigs. All of the resources in this section will either help you do one or the other. I have used all of the resources here and found them to be helpful in one way or another.

Freelance Writers Den

The den is a great source for finding good niche jobs like medical and legal writing. You’ll rarely find any job listings on this site that pay less than $50 a post, and quite a few that pay a good bit more. In addition to job listings you’ll be involved in a very active community of freelance writers who offer a lot of support to each other including advice, sharing tips, and help staying motivated through those lulls every freelance writer experiences from time to time. Each month you’ll be encouraged to set goals you want to reach like sending a certain number of queries, writing two articles every day, finishing a manuscript, etc.

In addition to all of the support and job listings, you’ll have access to a number of useful resources like their webinars, bootcamps, and e-courses which cost $47+. As a member you get to join as many as you want for free! Even if you don’t plan on staying a member for the long term, it can be really helpful to join and attend a bunch of the courses to improve your writing and increase income from your blog before dropping your membership. As if all of this wasn’t enough, they even have a number of templates for contracts, letters of introduction, etc.
The Freelance Writers Den: Grow Your Writing Income! Sign Up

Flex Jobs

Flex jobs offers some of the best listings of online writing jobs. Every job listing on their site offers some versatility in working conditions. It may be fully remote, a virtual position, or a telecommute writing job where you may have to go in to the office once a month or once a week. The best thing about the writing and blogging jobs listed on Flex Jobs is that they are exclusive listings which aren’t found anywhere else. Since they charge job posters to add their job to the site, there is a rigorous screening process to ensure it is a legitimate telecommute job.

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