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If you’ve come to check out our freelance writing jobs, don’t worry. We haven’t gotten rid of them, they’ve just been moved to our new Writing Jobs section. We hope you’ll enjoy our new design and take a moment to read through some of these helpful articles before or after your job search.

break up with a freelance client

6 Signs It May Be Time To Break Up With a Freelance Client

Relationships require effort from both sides — especially when it comes to your career. Most professional writers work with a few different clients. Sadly, these relationships don’t always go as planned. If things are getting rough or have been ...
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work from home writing jobs

Make Money From Your Couch With These 6 Work-From-Home Writing Jobs

Whether you’re a professional freelancer, looking for a side hustle, or want a career change, making money from your couch is a pretty appealing job description. Work-from-home writing jobs are becoming more and more popular in various industries thanks ...
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tools for freelance writers

Simplify Your Writing, Simplify Your Life: 10 Digital Tools For Freelance Writers

Welcome to the digital age. You’ve tossed away your typewriter for a little keyboard attached to a TV, and now you want to know how to get this thing to make words. Well, fear not frustrated freelancer. There are ...
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Double Your Writing Income: Learn How
benefits of a freelance writing career

The Benefits of a Freelance Writing Career

There are three things certain in my life: death, taxes and knowing I'll never have a car accident on my way to work. Oh sure, I may occasionally rear-end a cat toy on my way to my home office ...
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breakup with a freelance client

How to Break Up With a Bad Freelance Client

Breaking up is never easy. Success as a freelance writer depends heavily on your ability to land good clients. But not everyone is easy to work with. Sometimes a freelance client may even cause you so much trouble you ...
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5 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

5 Helpful Tips For Choosing a Blog Name

So you've decided to start a blog. Great! Congratulations, blessings, namaste, and all those other feel-good salutations. With this decision, you've taken a step — no, a leap — towards building an online presence and establishing yourself as a ...
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find the best freelance writer for the job

How to Find the Best Freelance Writer for The Job

Finding good freelance writers is tough. Almost as tough as finding a good freelance writing job. Trust me, I’d know. The problem is over-saturation. There are a million writing jobs out there, and a million writers to do them. However, they're ...
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The #1 Writing Tool
10 books for writers

Top 12 Books For Writers: Step Up Your Game, Improve Your Craft, & Get Published

While not all readers are writers, all writers must be readers. Whether you write non-fiction, young adult, editorial content, online blogs, or something totally different, every writer needs a select few books on their shelves. And I don’t just ...
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4 Simple Tips For Communicating With Your Freelance Clients

4 Simple Tips For Communicating With Your Freelance Clients

The day has finally come. After weeks, months, years of dedicating your time to building your freelance writing business, sourcing new opportunities, applying for a mishmash of gigs, and pouring your blood sweat and tears into sample writing articles, ...
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write for free

4 Reasons Freelancers Should Write For Free

I know. I know. I’m totally contradicting myself, here. It wasn’t too long ago that I passionately stated all the reasons why freelance writers should never write for free. And I fervently stand by those points. But, even I ...
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land your first client as a freelance writer

How to Land Your First Client as a Freelance Writer

I remember my first time. It started with an email. The LinkedIn profile I had spent hours upon hours meticulously filling out after quitting my job was finally starting to pay off. The client had stumbled across my profile ...
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freelance writing mistakes

Common Freelance Writing Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Career

No one likes to make mistakes, and in the beginning, it can feel like that’s all you’re doing as a freelancer. When I started, there were few classes and books explaining online content writing, the term content marketing wasn’t ...
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Your Freelance Writing Website: or

If you've ever had the person you're madly in love with tell you, “Yeah, I LIKE you, but ...” then you know quite well the difference just a couple of letters can make. Like. Love. Kinda similar, but at ...
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Step-by-Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success

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